Friday, January 13, 2012

Lights Out..On.

I'm sitting here in my home oasis, playing WoW on the iMac, listening to Starbase 66 on iTunes, with Facebook, Twitter and WowHead on the MacBook Air, and it occurred to me that I haven't blogged in a while.  Even in the blog that I thought I had revived, but which once again just didn't stick.

About a half hour ago the power went out. We're having a bit of windstorm today in eastern Massachusetts, and once again the whole neighborhood went dark.  I sent a quick IM to my wife (Unrepentant Golfer), and left the Oasis to light up the living room with candles.  Given that we have more candles than The Phantom's Opera House, I had the room in a warm glow without much difficulty. Then the freaking power came back on.  Since Unrepentant Golfer isn't yet home from work and the iMac was once again humming, I snuffed out the lights and retreated to the Oasis, thinking, "This would be a good mini-post." But I just didn't feel the kinship with my latest, much-neglected blog.

So here we are. In the process of starting this one, Blogger also prompted me to connect my blogger account with my Google+ account, so of course I did. Who could resist such a siren call of social media connectivity?

The candle cabinet.